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The Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

Canada's first lighthouse is still haunted by the ghost of its first caretaker


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Somehow it happens that every lighthouse has its own sinister past. So does Canada's oldest—the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. Every other man in Canada has heard of John Paul Radelmüller, the first keeper of the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. His name is often confused with some Radenmiller, Radan Muller, Rademuller, or anything else, but everyone knows the man was sinisterly killed, yet his soul has never abandoned the lighthouse and succeeding caretakers repeatedly report hearing steps. This scary ghost story has lived in Canadian folklore since late 1815, the year of his mysterious death. Keeping a lighthouse is solitary work, Mr. Radelmüller used to invite some fellows to his work place for beer. The story says that after too much beer led to an argument, these fellows killed the keeper in a burst of fury. To get rid of the evidence, they cut up the body and probably buried it, or tossed it out to sea. The suspects are said to have been soon acquitted of crime, and so the scandal died away. However, the story survived, and has changed as it was passed by word of mouth from one to another. The veracity of the story was questioned, but a great part of ot has been proved to be truthful by recent studies and investigations. As to the ghost, you might check on your own. The Gibraltar Point Lighthouse doesn't operate anymore, yet it's occasionally open for tourists, in particular during the annual Doors Open Toronto that usually falls on late May.

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