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Green Tea Fields

Check where your favourite beverage comes from and don't forget to try some green tea ice cream and green tea noodle soup


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The Boseong Green Tea Plantations in the South Jeolla Province are one Korea's landmarks. The most famous field is the Daehan Dawon Tea Plantation, which is naturally the most touristy. Most people come here either in spring, between late March and late April, to see the first new leaves on tea bushes, or in summer, from May to August, when the plantations along the terraced farmlands are in their prime.

There is something mesmerising about watching Korean ladies carefully picking green tea leaves. For those who love taking pictures, there is a specially designed photo area—a well-groomed patch of field, while the rest of the plantation often happens to be slightly overgrown. Even if you come in late autumn or winter, you'll see quite a picture, as the hillsides are always beautiful. The entrance fee costs about $3.

Other plantations, like Botjae Dawon Tea Plantation, tend to be less touristy, free to enter, but at the same time they might be less impressive. However, green tea ice cream is said to be the best here. You can also have a cup of hot green tea, or a portion of cold green tea noodle soup.

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