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Damyang Bamboo Festival 2021

Did you know bamboo is used in fishing, cooking, alcohol brewing, and numerous other crafts? Try them all at the bamboo festival in Damyang


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Disclaimer: Due to COVID-19 concerns, many events might be canceled, postponed, or changed into limited versions, sometimes at very short notice. Please check with event organizers directly for the latest updates.

The giant bamboo forest area makes Damyang Korea's capital of bamboo. A festival of bamboo reveals how much use this plant can bring us in our daily life.

At the festival you'll have the opportunity to fish with a bamboo basket on your own, sample dishes made of bamboo shoots, taste typical Korean alcohol brewed in bamboo stalks, as well as engage in bamboo drawing and other crafts.

The festival takes place annually in early May around Juknokwon and Gwanbangjerim bamboo forests.

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