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Giant Sequoias of Yosemite National Park

Feel the scale of the largest living trees on the planet

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Giant sequoia trees are known as the largest living trees on the planet, and are often called nature’s skyscrapers. Indeed, they can reach the height of a 20-storey building!

Today, these enormous trees grow only on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and can not be found anywhere else on the planet.

In Yosemite National Park, you can find the giant sequoias in Mariposa Grove, as well as in two smaller and less crowded ones—the Tuolumne and Merced Groves.

The Mariposa Grove is the largest grove of giant sequoias in the park, with more than 500 species, and here you can find the oldest tree in the park named Grizzly Giant, estimated to be around 2000 years old. You can take a tram tour through Mariposa Grove from May until October.

The Tuolumne Grove has about two dozen giant sequoias. The one you can’t miss is the Tunnel Tree, which you can walk through!

The third, Merced Grove, is the smallest, with only about twenty giant sequoias. This grove is also the least crowded and provides a more secluded experience for hikers.

Since 1890, giant sequoias have been under protection in Yosemite, being the symbol of the park’s wild beauty.

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