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Yosemite Glaciers, symbols of the changing world, may disappear completely within just a few decades


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The glaciated landscapes of Yosemite are one of its main attractions. Despite global warming, today two glaciers can still be found in the park.

The Lyell Glacier lies on the northern slopes of Mount Lyell, located in the Yosemite Wilderness. It was once Yosemite’s largest, but now it’s almost gone. To date, it has already lost about 90 percent of its volume and 80 percent of its surface area.

Lyell glaciers 2020
Lyell glaciers
Glaciers in Yosemite - Best Season 2020

The second glacier lies on the Mount Maclure, and has also thinned substantially. Nevertheless, it is a paradise for adventurous visitors seeking wilderness and wanting to see the "living" glacier in action.

Tuolumne River, Lyell glacier 2020
Tuolumne River, Lyell glacier
Lyell and Maclure Glaciers from Mount Dana 2020
Lyell and Maclure Glaciers from Mount Dana

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