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Kummakivi Balancing Rock in Finland

If you think you have seen everything, prepare to be surprised! The world has lots of unbelievable and curious things to discover like this weird balancing stone

Best time: June–October

Kummakivi Balancing Rock
Kummakivi Balancing Rock
Kummakivi Balancing Rock

Our world is full of strange and inexplicable sights, and it's always especially exciting to see them for yourself. If you are looking for some curious spots and mystic places, check out the Kummakivi balancing rock!

This strange rock stands in the middle of the forest balancing on another much smaller rock. There is a legend that the rock was placed here by giants, but there is also a scientific explanation for this. Geologists say that the rock may have been moved by the power of glacier over 8,000 years ago. Whatever it is, this rock attracts lots of visitors. This captivating stone can be found in Valtola, Southern Savonia.

The best season to visit the rock is summer and the beginning of autumn, as you can easily get to the forest. It can be difficult to get to the middle of deep forest during long winter nights when there will be snow and maybe even wolves.

Practical info

Where is the Kummakivi balancing rock located?

The Kummakivi balancing rock is situated in Valtola, Southern Savonia. Visitors can reach the spot either by car or bus and find it right in the middle of a dense forest. This geographic feature is a fascinating and noteworthy place to explore. Show more

What is the suitable time of the year for visiting the rock?

To visit the Kummakivi balancing rock, it's best to plan a trip between June to October. These months provide mild weather, making hiking in the forest more comfortable and the trails leading to the rock more accessible. However, winter makes it difficult to get to the rock, and visitors have to contend with long night hours, snowy paths, and potentially dangerous animal encounters. Show more

Why is the Kummakivi balancing rock called so?

The Kummakivi balancing rock got its name from the Finnish language, where the word means mysterious and unidentified rock. The name serves because the rock seems to be balanced precariously on a much smaller rock in the forest. While the origins of how the rock obtained the name are unclear, it remains a popular reference point in the area. Show more

Is it allowed to climb the Kummakivi balancing rock?

Climbing the Kummakivi balancing rock is not permitted, and it has been left untouched and in its natural state. Visitors may, however, take photographs or sit on the rock temporarily. Climbing could damage the rock and pose a danger to the climbers. Show more

Which other areas, attractions, or events make Valtola, Southern Savonia, worth visiting?

Valtola, Southern Savonia has multiple attractions and scenic natural areas worth exploring in addition to the Kummakivi balancing rock. Mikkeli is the nearest city and an excellent place to start. The surrounding terrain has various picturesque walking tracks and camping sites. Other popular attractions include the unique Naisvuori Observation tower, museums, art, and cultural events such as the Mikkelin Musiikkijuhlat (Mikkeli Music festival). Show more

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