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Dixie National Forest in Utah

This large and beautiful national forest welcomes visitors

Best time: April–October

Dixie National Forest
Dixie National Forest
Dixie National Forest

If you want to see some giant trees, Dixie National Forest in Utah is the right place. It occupies the area of around 8,000 square kilometres and stretches for over 270 km in the southern part of the state. The forest is located next to Cedar City. It is the largest forest in the state. The elevation varies from 850 metres to over 3 km above sea level.

The park area is divided into four various sections. The high altitude section includes the Markagunt, Paunsaugunt, and Aquarius Plateaus. Here you can also find one of the highest platoes in the whole country—Boulder mountain which features hundreds of small lakes. One of the most spectacular spots can be found at the southern rim of the Great Basin.

The scenery over the Colorado River and its colourful canyons and steep gorges is just fascinating. The forest has lots of climatic extremes, like precipitation levels which range from 250 to 1,000 mm per year. Since winters tend to be cold and snowy, the best time to visit is warm season, from April through October.

Practical info

When is the optimal time of year to visit Dixie National Forest in Utah?

The best time to visit Dixie National Forest is during the warmest months of the year, between April and October. Winter months can be very cold and snowy, causing some areas to be closed. Tourists can expect bigger crowds during peak summer months of June to August, but it will also be warmer during that time. Show more

Which is the highest plateau in the National Forest?

The highest plateau in Dixie National Forest is Boulder Mountain, which stands over 3,000 meters above sea level. The location boasts of several small lakes, creeks, and streams, which makes it a great spot for activities such as fishing and water recreation. Boulder Mountain offers magnificent panoramic views for visitors to enjoy from its high point. Show more

What are the different sections that make up the park area?

The park area has four main sections, which are the Pine Valley Ranger District, Powell Ranger District, Cedar City, and Escalante Ranger District. The Pine Valley Ranger District is located on the central-eastern side of the boundary, while the Powell Ranger District lies in the middle-west region. Cedar City is found in the northern boundary, and the southern area is where you can find the Escalante Ranger District. Show more

Is fishing allowed in the National Forest?

Fishing is permitted in Dixie National Forest, with multiple opportunities available for tourists. On Boulder Mountain, which has several creeks, small lakes, and streams, tourists will find rainbow, cutthroat, and brook trout that are regularly replenished. The forest has numerous streams and rivers that stretch over 500 miles, many of which are stocked with fish. Before heading out to fish, visitors will need to purchase a fishing license. Show more

What are some suggested hiking trails while visiting Dixie National Forest?

Numerous hiking trails are available in Dixie National Forest, with the most popular being Navajo Lake, Bristlecone Loop, and Cascade Falls paths. The Navajo Lake trail is suitable for the whole family and provides access to an exquisite, alpine lake. Cascade Falls is an intermediate hike through a scenic path leading to a waterfall. Bristlecone Loop Trail is an easy track that takes visitors through a stunning forest filled with ancient bristlecone pine trees. Show more

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