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Black Iris in Jordan

Have you ever seen a totally black flower? If not, be ready to see the elegant beauty on desert roadsides in Jordan

Best time: March–May | mid-October–November

Black Iris
Black Iris

Black is not a typical flower coloring, yet the elegant Black Iris fits perfectly into the sandy Jordanian landscapes and delightfully sways in the desert wind. This endangered flower is considered a symbol of Jordan and can be enjoyed exclusively in the wild. It's a bit odd, but the dry sandy soil of Jordan is perfectly suitable for these rare beauties. The Black Iris bears the status of the Jordanian national flower and can be found in the countryside to the northeast of Karak.

In addition, there are nine other subspecies of Iris. The most widespread is the Purple Iris which is found in the mountains near the ancient northwestern city of Pella. Other varieties include one with sword-like leaves and a glossy black iris with darker velvet patches; these can be mostly found in the deserts of Jordan. The blooming season for Irises is spring and late autumn.

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When can I catch sight of the exotic Black Iris in Jordan?

The Black Iris thrives in Jordan and can be found blooming twice a year from March to May in the spring and from mid-October to November in the late autumn. The flowering plant is endangered, and its occurrence is only observed in the wild. Travelers can find it in the northeast countryside area of Karak or the arid desert spaces of Jordan. Show more

Where is the Black Iris found in Jordan?

Jordan's Black Iris is an endangered flowering plant, existing exclusively in the country's wild. The highest concentration of the Black Iris is in the desert roadsides, especially those to the northeast of Karak. Due to Jordan's cultural heritage, the flower is celebrated and protected by the country's environmental laws. Show more

Iris is a common flower in Jordan, but how many subspecies thrive there?

The Iris is a common flower in Jordan's indigenous plant life, with the Black Iris being a unique species among ten subspecies of the wildflower. The subspecies includes the Purple Iris that grows in Jordan's mountainous regions around the ancient northwestern city of Pella. The Iris flower also thrives in the country's desert terrain, presenting unique varieties across Jordan's landscapes. Show more

What is Jordan's most prevalent Iris subspecies?

Jordan's most widespread Iris subspecies is the Purple Iris, also known as Iris petrana. The Iris flower blooms in the mountain areas around the ancient city of Pella, featuring a brilliant purple coloration. It is frequently employed for decorative, landscape, and gardening purposes. Show more

What are some other exceptional flowers travelers can spot in Jordan besides the Black Iris?

Jordan is home to an abundant diversity of wildflowers. In addition to the rare Black Iris occurrences, visitors can indulge in other exceptional floral sightings in Jordan. The Cistanche Tubulosa plant, which is believed to possess medicinal properties, grows in Jordan. The country landscape is also adorned with other flowers such as the Hermon Iris, boasting a pale pink hue, and the yellow-white Cyclamen flowers, amongst others. Show more

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