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Sunflowers in Japan

These amazing yellow flowers are now in bloom!

Best time: late July–mid-August


Millions of sunflowers were planted to soak up radioactive toxins. A truly spectacular sight! One of the biggest fields is Akeno Himawari Batake, located in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture. It also has nice mountainous scenery in the background. A huge field with around 1.5 million flowers is located on Hokkaido island. It's called Sunflower Field of Hokuryu, Himawari-no-Sato. There are also impressive fields on Shikoku island.

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When can sunflowers be seen in Japan?

Sunflowers can be seen from late July to mid-August when they bloom and create miles-long fields of bright yellow flowers. During this period, many visitors from different parts of the world flock to different locations in Japan to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunflowers. Show more

Which locations in Japan have the best sunflower fields?

Hokuto City, situated in Yamanashi Prefecture, Hokkaido Island, and Shikoku Island are renowned for having exceptional sunflower fields. The Akeno Himawari Batake field in Hokuto City and the Sunflower Field of Hokuryu in Hokkaido island are particularly worth visiting for their breathtaking views. Shikoku Island also has impressive sunflower fields that attract numerous visitors. Show more

What is the use of sunflowers in the clean-up of radioactive soils?

After the Fukushima nuclear disaster, vast fields of sunflowers were planted in contaminated soils to absorb heavy metals, toxins, and even radioactive isotopes like cesium-137. Sunflowers, with their deep roots, can absorb such radioactivity from the earth. This process is called phytoremediation and is also applied with other plants like indian mustard, hemp, and ginger to clean up soil pollution caused by industrial activities and oil spills. Show more

Aside from sunflowers, what are other attractions in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture?

Visitors to Hokuto City can view other picturesque flowers like cosmos and lavender in addition to the famous sunflowers. Located amidst mountains, the city is a well-known hiking spot. There are also several tourist attractions in the city. After enjoying the sight of the sunflowers, visitors can head out to explore the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts or visit Yatsugatake Alpaca Farm. The city also offers culinary delights, including crops like wine grapes, peaches, and wasabi. Show more

What other attractions are available on Hokkaido Island besides sunflower fields?

Hokkaido Island is a must-visit destination in Japan due to a wide range of attractions, not just sunflower fields. Tourists can enjoy a relaxing dip in the island's natural hot springs, sample some beer at Sapporo Beer Museum, and tour the Asahiyama Zoo, a famous zoo housing both polar bears and penguins. Scenic spots like the Otaru Canal, Shirogane Blue Pond, and Mount Hakodate are other attractions that visitors can't miss while touring Hokkaido. Show more

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