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Tainan Baihe Lotus Season

With 400 hectares covered with this beautiful and symbolic plant, this town has been given the name "Lotus Country"

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Baihe in Tainan County is the most well-known home of lotus in Taiwan. This town has been given the name "Lotus Country" because of its unending expanses of lotus fields. The town is essentially separated into a series of lotus farms, where locals grow the lotus flowers in ponds. The lotuses bloom from June to September each year. Lotus flowers are used to brew tea and the seeds can be found in many local dishes. There are restaurants in the Baihe area where one may sample a wide array of delicacies made with different parts of the lotus which delivers a fragrant taste. One can also sit on a giant lotus leaf floating on the water.The best-time to enjoy lotus flowers is from 5 to 10 in the morning.

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