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Dok Krachiao Bloom Season in Thailand

Beautiful lush and pink flowers that bloom during rainy season will amaze your eyes

Best time: June–July

Dok Krachiao Bloom Season
Dok Krachiao Bloom Season

Also known as Curcuma or Siam Tulip, the flower blooms particularly during June and July, covering the forests of Pa Hin Ngam National Park with beautiful pinkish colour.

Practical info

When should I plan my visit to Pa Hin Ngam National Park?

Visit Pa Hin Ngam National Park during May to October, which is the rainy season. However, the peak tourist season is during June to July when the Dok Krachiao flower blooms. You should know that the park may be prone to flooding during this time because of heavy rainfall. Show more

Apart from Pa Hin Ngam National Park, where else can the Dok Krachiao be found in Thailand?

The Dok Krachiao can be found in other national parks in Thailand such as Khao Yai and Doi Inthanon. However, the blooming period is different for each location. Additionally, the flower is commonly used in traditional medicine and cooking and can be found in local markets. Show more

What is the significance of the Dok Krachiao in Thai culture?

The Dok Krachiao is native to Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, where it holds cultural and medicinal significance. It is used traditionally to relieve various medical ailments such as muscular pain, fever, and cough. It has historical significance too, being associated with a Thai legend about love and the curing of a warrior's love interest. The flower is now a symbol of beauty and love throughout the country. Show more

How long does the Dok Krachiao bloom last each year?

The Dok Krachiao blooms for about a month from June to July each year. This period can vary due to many factors, including climate change, location, and weather conditions. It's best to plan your trip during mid-June to early July because that’s when the fields are filled with blooming pink and purple flowers. Show more

Are there any festivals or events that feature Dok Krachiao in Thailand?

Yes, Thailand hosts many local festivals that celebrate the beauty of Dok Krachiao. The most famous is the Pa Hin Ngam National Park Dok Krachiao Festival, held between June and July. The festival attracts tourists and locals alike and features activities such as flower photography contests, flower picking, and nature walks. The Doi Inthanon National Park Dok Krachiao Festival is also held to commemorate the blooming of these beautiful flowers and attracts visitors from across the country. Show more

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