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Loi Krathong 2019

A beautiful festival to make a wish that will come true

Loi Krathong in Thailand 2019 - Best Time
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John Shedrick

The festival is believed to originate from the celebrations dedicated to water spirits in ancient times. Today it is more of a tradition and a chance to make a wish and ask higher powers for help. The essence of the festival is the floating of little baskets made of banana leaves and decorated with flowers. There also is a candle inside the basket, which is later lit.

Loi Krathong in Thailand - Best Season 2019

The baskets are then pushed to water to take all the wishes to the spirits and bring you back the wish you asked for. The festival is celebrated throughout the country and often incorporates beauty contests and other similar activities.

Best time for Loi Krathong in Thailand 2019