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Lights Over America Sky Lantern Festival 2022

Join thousands of people in this eco-friendly lantern festival


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This Sky Lantern Festival is considered to be America's only themed lights festival. Annually held in Salt Lake City, it plunges you into the atmosphere of a real fairy tale, with thousands of magical illuminous lanterns flying across the sky.

Things to do

The Lights Over America festival in Utah offers a one-of-a-kind festive atmosphere with campfires, s'mores, live music, and of course—lantern releases. People usually gather around firepits with their family and friends, making S'mores, chatting, and listening to music. Then, after sunset, the organizers dim the light across the festival area, and the lantern show begins. Around this time is when you get to witness thousands of fairy-tale lights glow high in the sky.

Is it eco-friendly?

Before you give up on the event, thinking it's unsustainable, you should know that Salt Lake City Sky Lantern Festival is a 100% eco-friendly fiesta. Thousands of lanterns that fly into the sky can't harm the environment because they are made of all-natural and biodegradable products. They also don't contain any metal, flammable liquids, or gas. This way, we can enjoy the beauty of lantern lights without putting nature in jeopardy.

What to bring

First things first, chairs and blankets—the festival is a picnic-style event, so you may want to grab something to sit on. Also, don't forget to bring all your passes, a camera to catch the moment, and money to buy souvenirs from local vendors. The area is usually packed with merchandise booths, so it's likely you won't resist buying some cool stuff there.

When, where, and how much?

Despite its popularity, the festival is pretty affordable: adult passes will cost $75, and kids' entrance will be worth half this price. There's also a parking lot, for which the administration will charge you only $30. Be sure to buy your tickets beforehand because entry passes are sold out pretty early, often a month before the festival. The fest kicks off at 5 pm and lasts for about five hours. As for the exact location, it is always a surprise, so don't expect it to be revealed until a week before the event.

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