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Fort Worth Water Lantern Festival 2022

An amazing sight of thousands of lanterns on water


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Water Lantern Festival is a semi-annual event, which takes place every spring and fall at Panther Island Pavilion in Fort Worth. Recognized as one of the Best Cultural Festivals by USA Today, Water Lantern Festival offers a magical nighttime experience of floating lanterns as well as music, food, games, activities, and vendors.

Festival gates open at 5 pm for people to enjoy their food and entertainment. Multiple stages are set at Panther Island Pavilion, including an indoor stage and the only waterfront stage in the state. People will also have plenty of time to design and personalize their lanterns. Some festival participants write messages for the loved ones that they've lost, others include prayers or simply decorate their lanterns.

The lanterns' launch is scheduled for 8 pm. A beautiful sight of thousands of lanterns, carrying peoples' hopes and memories will definitely become a night to remember. The Water Lantern Festival is all about happiness, healing, and peace. The event ends at 10 pm, and the environmentally-friendly lanterns will be retrieved from the water afterwards.

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