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Lavender Trails in Texas

Smell the healing aroma while walking in the fields of lavender in the Texas Hill Country

Lavender Trails
Lavender Trails
Lavender Trails
Lavender Trails

Every year, from May through June, the landscapes of Hill Country in Texas get covered with a delicate violet carpet of lavender. Gentle scent spreads along the endless purple fields. Lavender farms open their doors offering tours and trails starting from May when lavender begins to bloom. Due to dry alkaline limestone soils, Hill County has excellent conditions to grow lavender. The area hosts quite a few farms. The ​City of Blanco is the Lavender Capital of Texas. The first farm that is called Hill Country Lavender, was opened in Blanco in 1999. The farm welcomes visitors and offers to cut your own lavender during harvest. You can also learn about lavender-growing. Their success inspired other local farmers to grow lavender.

Becker Vineyards is another large lavender farm located in Stonewall. They grow about 4,000 of lavender plants and host their own lavender festival during peak blooming season. Rough Creek Lavender Fields, located in Wimberly, has a lavender farm and a horse ranch.

Lavender Festival also takes place in the ​City of Blanco. It takes place every summer at the beginning of June. Farmers and producers sell a variety of products made of lavender—cosmetics, medicinal products, salts, and oils, as well as lavender honey and margaritas, which are the most popular! Of course, you may harvest plants yourself and keep them for the beautiful fragrance and aromatherapy.

Practical info

When is the optimal season to explore the lavender fields of Texas?

To experience the endless and picturesque purple landscapes in Hill Country, Texas, visit from May to June when the lavender is in full bloom. This is the best time to tour or hike the fields, revel in the gentle fragrance, and gain knowledge about the cultivation of lavender. You can also visit the Lavender Festival in the City of Blanco, held at the start of June each year, where you can sample a variety of lavender products, including food, wine, and cosmetics. Show more

In which region of Texas can one discover the lavender fields?

In Hill Country, which is known for its charming cities, such as San Antonio, Austin, and Blanco, along with a magnificently purple landscape that abounds with lavender farms. In 1999, Hill Country Lavender became the first lavender farm in Texas to open in Blanco.The city now epitomizes the state's Lavender Capital and throws the widely renowned Lavender Festival annually. Show more

Can lavender cutting be done by the visitors during the harvest season?

Visitors are welcome to pick and cut their own lavender during the harvest season at several farms, including Hill Country Lavender.While learning about the growing of lavender, you can indulge in cutting your own lavender and purchase an array of lavender goods. Becker Vineyards also hosts lavender festivals where you can discover lavender-related products from regional vendors and revel in live musical performances. Show more

What products are available at Blanco's Lavender Festival?

At the Lavender Festival situated in the City of Blanco, you can purchase an extensive range of lavender goods, including medicinal products, cosmetics, oils, and salts, as well as lavender honey and margaritas. Lavender margaritas are typical in many booths and are most sought after by visitors. In addition, you will have the chance to cut your lavender, relish live music performances, and explore several culinary creations infused with the flower. Show more

What other activities besides the trails exist at the lavender farms?

In addition to trails, many lavender farms offer various attractions and activities. The Rough Creek Lavender Field located in Wimberley, for instance, provides horseback riding and has a horse ranch on-site. The lavender festivals of Becker Vineyards feature wine tasting and complimentary wine tours. Hill Country Lavender provides an on-site gift store that has a selection of lavender beauty goods, candles, and herbs to take home. Show more

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