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Mustard Flowers in Napa Valley

The vineyard beds explode with a vivid yellow carpet of mustard blooms creating cheerful vibes among the dull winter colors


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The hibernating Napa Valley is worth visiting by the end of winter and the beginning of spring when its vineyards come alive with vibrant mustard fields. The mustard flowers blanket bare vines with yellow, orange, and golden hues, making for picture-perfect landscapes. If you happen to be near Napa during the mustard season, come to see these exploding colors and bring a camera to take some truly enviable shots.

When does mustard bloom?

Mustard flower season in Napa Valley is typically between January and March. Take into account that in March mustard blooms are turned into mulch, which is called "bud break." In fact, besides the sheer beauty, mustard flowers enrich the soil with nutrients, essential for abundant grape harvest, and naturally quality wine.

Where can I find mustard flowers in Napa?

You'll easily find breathtaking yellow landscapes by driving down Highway 29 or elsewhere around the vineyards. Your top mustard flower photo spots include Big Ranch Road near Monticello Vineyards, Washington St. in Yountville, and also Larkmead Vineyards and Bennett Lane in Calistoga.

History of the Napa Valley mustard fields

Possibly, these plantations could have wild origins. But a local legend says that Jesuit priests introduced mustard to California back in the 1800s. According to narrations, the seeds spilled through the holes in the sacks the missioners were carrying on their backs. However, the storytellers argue about the motivation: some believe the priests wanted to plant the flowers to share the beauty, whereas others claim the seeds were dropped to mark the pathway for a return journey.

Where to stay in Napa Valley?

Napa is situated some 50 mi (80 km) north of San Francisco, and about 60 mi (100 km) southwest of Sacramento. So you could stay in either of two cities and reach Napa Valley mustard fields in just a little more than an hour. Additionally, if you choose San Francisco, there's another location for mustard splendor at Half Moon Bay, only 30 miles (50 km) south of SF. Those who stop in Sacramento might also check out local almond orchards, which are in full bloom between mid-February and early March. However, if Napa mustard fields are your main priority, simply explore the map below and find the best deals in the heart of wine country.

Practical info

When do mustard flowers bloom?

Napa Valley mustard season is between January and March.

Where can I find mustard flowers in Napa?

Check out Highway 29, Big Ranch Road near Monticello Vineyards, Washington St. in Yountville, and also Larkmead Vineyards and Bennett Lane in Calistoga.

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