Best time to travel to Tasmania

Blooming Tulips in Tasmania

Feel the fragrance of spring at Tasmania's famous tulips fields

Best time: late September–early October

Blooming Tulips
Blooming Tulips
Blooming Tulips
Blooming Tulips
Blooming Tulips

Tasmania, which was named after a Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, has a unique passion for tulips. Strolling across colorful fields is an unforgettable Tasmanian experience. The majority of the tulip plantations are located in a small coastal town of Waratah-Wynyard. Every spring, from mid-September to mid-October the town marks its annual Bloomin' Tulips Festival, filled with community activities, film screenings and traditional entertainment like steam-powered carousel rides.

During the festival, Table Cape Tulip Farm and other local farms run open days. So don't hesitate to undertake a journey through the most beautiful fields and valleys of Table Cape. The area is famous throughout Tasmania for its vast stretches​ of blooming flowers. Usually quaint and calm, Waratah-Wynyard gets filled with people in September, that just can't get enough of the colorful and charming experience. Don't forget to try the local tulips inspired cuisine and mingle with the crowd at Bloomin' Tulips Cocktail Party.

The biggest in the area Table Cape Tulip Farm was founded in 1984 by Roberts-Thomson family that imported bulbs from Holland, They now grow more than 80 tulip varieties.

The majestic scenery of tulips of all possible colors and shades is unforgettable. Rows of magnificent bouquets will inspire you for the whole upcoming year.

Practical info

What is the recommended time of year to visit Tasmania for viewing tulips?

The time period between late September and early October is when Tasmania's tulip fields are in full bloom and thus the best time to visit. Waratah-Wynyard, a small coastal town is the location of the majority of these fields, which draw visitors from around the state. During this period, the annual Bloomin' Tulips Festival takes place, which includes various community activities and the opportunity to visit local farms offering open days for touring the tulip fields. Show more

Where are the tulip fields located in Tasmania?

The region with the highest concentration of tulip fields is Waratah-Wynyard, which is situated on the coast. The fields that dot the area are spread across vast expanses, providing an excellent opportunity for visitors to appreciate the beauty of the blooming fields. Every year, the Bloomin' Tulips Festival takes place, offering visitors a chance to enjoy community activities and also explore local farms that offer open days during the festival. Show more

How many different varieties of tulips are grown at Table Cape Tulip Farm?

Table Cape Tulip Farm, the largest tulip farm in the Waratah-Wynyard area, cultivates more than 80 unique varieties of tulips. This expansive selection means that visitors have access to tulips of all colors and shades, providing them with an unforgettable viewing experience. In addition to visiting the farm during the annual Bloomin' Tulips Festival, open days at Table Cape Tulip Farm are also offered to enable visitors to learn about the different tulip varieties planted there. Show more

What types of activities are available during Tasmania's Bloomin' Tulips Festival?

During the Bloomin' Tulips Festival, visitors can enjoy a wide range of community activities, from screenings of classic films to traditional local entertainment. The festival includes the Bloomin' Tulips Cocktail Party, which is a must attend event. Additionally, the local farms offering open days provide ample opportunities for visitors to explore the various tulip fields in the area, learn about the different types of tulips grown in the region and indulge in local tulip inspired cuisine. Show more

What are some popular foods that are inspired by tulips at the festival?

Visitors attending the Bloomin' Tulips Festival can expect to enjoy the unique and delicious tulip-inspired cuisine, including tulip-infused gin, tulip cocktails, and tulip cupcakes. The festival also presents a chance to sample other locally sourced delicacies, including regional seafood, with a special focus on oysters. As a result, guests can enjoy a broad range of local cuisine, commune with the townsfolk and savor the unique coastal atmosphere. Show more

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