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If you travel around Turkey in spring, prepare for lots of forced stops, flowered landscapes are too captivating not to take a few snapshots

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That's funny, but spring in Turkey varies in terms of rainfall—some are wetter, others less, and some are totally rainless. Yet nobody remembers a spring without beautiful flowers. Sweeps of red, yellow, pink, blue, and white stretch along kilometres, providing a sheer delight for the eyes of those who hit the road.

On condition that you travel by your own car, or ride a bike, you have more freedom to stop here and there to observe and enjoy the colorful sceneries of Turkish spring. However, it also turns out that fascinated tourists make drivers stop their bus to capture the unbelievable surrounding beauty in a snapshot.

Natural flower show starts around mid-April and continues throughout the end of spring and will totally blow your mind!

You'll bump into a fantastic flowered patch of land wherever you go. However, the greatest intensity is observed in such regions as Thrace and Marmara, Mediterranean, Aegean, Central Anatolia, and the Black Sea region, especially eastern areas, rich in springs and lush vegetation. You can witness unbelievable flower fields in Pamukkale, Sarıalan, Erzerum, Patara, Kalınçam and much more.

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