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Calla Lily Festival

About 45 calla lily farms, occupying more than 13 hectares, are open to visitors during the blooming season in March and April

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Yangmingshan Calla Lily Festival attracts thousands of visitors with stunning landscapes and live music concerts. The festival runs for about one month, from late March through late April in place in Yangmingshan National Park, located in Zhuzihu resort, not far from Taipei. Zhuzihu (Bamboo Lake) is a former lake that was created by a volcanic eruption. Due to high altitude, rainy and damp weather, it provides the ideal environment for growing calla lilies. There are more than 45 calla lily farms in Zhuzihu, occupying an area of more than 13 hectares and making it a beautiful sight every spring.

Zhuzihu is hidden in the mountains at about 670 m (2,198 ft). The place is often hidden in fog, which creates a special mysterious atmosphere. Many couples come here to take romantic pictures in beautiful calla lily fields. Festival organizers offer guided tours to various attractions and beautiful sites at Zhuzihu and Yangmingshan. Visitors can enjoy flower-picking, delicious food, and other activities during the tour. To get to the park, take route 126 at Taipei Railway Station. Flower Festival Express arrives at Yangmingshan Second Parking Lot.

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