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Best time to travel to Tibet

Peach Blossom

Blooming is always spectacular, but observing blossoms among the snow-capped mountains can be something new

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Spring usually brings lots of flowers that decorate the landscape. March till early May is the blooming period in Tibet. One of the most popular spring activities is to watch peach flowers. These beautiful blossoms can be observed everywhere: in villages, on farmlands, and along highways.

Nyingchi, located in eastern Tibet, welcomes spring first. It is one of the most spectacular places to be in during this season. Blooming peaches turn this place into a sea of flowers. Watching peach blossoms and the snow-capped Mt. Namjagbarwa in the background could be truly majestic. The mountain looks as if it is covered in thick pink flowers.

One more great place to enjoy the blooming season is Bome. Some of the best viewing spots are Galang Lake, Runa Village, Qingduo Town, Xumu Township, Songzong Town, Gala Village, and Guyu Township in Zayu. The peach blossom season usually appear from the second half of March till the beginning of April.

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