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Daylily Blossom in Taiwan

Daylily blossom season includes thousands of hectares of golden flowers

Best time: August–September

Daylily Blossom
Daylily Blossom
Daylily Blossom
Daylily Blossom

The two most famous places for daylily fields in Taiwan are Hualien and Taitung. Sixty Rock Mountain and Mt. Lioushidan are the best places in Hualien for picturesque daylily fields from August till September every year. Visitors come to admire the mountains covered with golden-colored flowers every year. Taitung has 3800 hectares of daylilies, covering the areas of Taimali, Chihshang, Jinfeng, and Changbin. These orange little flowers are not just pretty on the outside but also sweet on the inside. Local restaurants and food stands serve snacks and dishes made with daylily. Hualien, located in eastern Taiwan, preserves more natural scenery compared to western Taiwan.

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When should people go to see the daylilies in Taiwan?

Golden daylilies can be seen in Taiwan from August to September every year. During this time, thousands of hectares of vibrant flowers can be found across the country. This breathtaking event draws in thousands of visitors who come to admire the mountains and countryside covered in a sea of golden hues. Show more

What are the popular areas for daylily fields in Taiwan?

Hualien and Taitung are the two most popular areas for those seeking to witness the beauty of daylily fields in Taiwan. The picturesque Sixty Rock Mountain and Mt. Lioushidan in Hualien have golden-colored daylilies, while Taitung has approximately 3800 hectares of daylilies covering Taimali, Chihshang, Jinfeng and Changbin areas that run along the East Coast of Taiwan. Show more

Why are daylilies famous in Taiwan?

Daylilies are not only pretty on the outside but are also a sweet delight on the inside, making them unique from other flowers found in Taiwan. Visitors can try daylily-inspired dishes in local restaurants and food stands. Moreover, Hualien in Eastern Taiwan boasts a more natural environment than its Western counterparts, hence making it the ideal place to admire Taiwan's beauty. Show more

What are some foods made using daylily in Hualien, Taiwan?

Daylilies in Hualien, Taiwan, are used to prepare different dishes that visitors can try. These dishes include daylily rice, daylily salad, and daylily soup. Hualien has many restaurants and food stands located near daylily fields where visitors can sample these locally-inspired dishes. These specialties are a must-try for visitors looking to gain an authentic taste of Taiwan. Show more

When is the perfect time to visit Hualien, Taiwan?

Visitors should visit Hualien, Taiwan, between August and September to witness the charm of the daylily blossom season. During this time, the mountains in Hualien are blanketed with golden-hued flowers, providing stunning natural scenery. It is an excellent opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in Taiwan's beauty and experience an unforgettable journey. Show more

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