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A chance to enjoy the view in a field of sunflowers occurs just once in a long while—for a few weeks in the summer

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Fields of sunflowers dotted with thousands of other wildflowers represent the main attraction of the Alpine Botanical Garden located in the village of Guwau, in Gangwon-do Province. Sunflowers become gorgeous by the end of July, that's when the Taebaek Sunflower Festival sets in and continues for approximately two weeks until mid-August.

During the festival, the Garden remains open until late at night, so attendees can make use of a unique opportunity to stroll through the yellow fields, enjoying a particularly romantic evening atmosphere.

Festivities are not limited to walks among flowers, of course. The cultural program also features various art exhibitions like photos or sculptures, music performances, films, and dances. Besides, you can try ancient mining techniques, observe 300 species of wildflowers, get acquainted with the local fauna, and even contribute to an eco campaign. Overall, it seems like you'll have quite an action-packed weekend.

If you happen to travel to Jeju Island in the summer, you can also observe vast sunflower fields there. It is about a 30-minute drive from Jeju airport, Kim Kyung Sook’s Sunflower Farm occupies 33,000 sq. m (355,209 sq.ft). The flowers blooming in mid-summer create perfect backgrounds for a photoshoot.

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