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Crocuses in Ukraine

These rare flowers paint Ukrainian Transcarpathia with captivating purple

Best time: mid-March–April


As spring rolls in Ukraine and snow thaws, crosuses, aka saffron, flowers sprout on the expanses of Zakarpatska oblast. The purple blooms last only for three weeks between mid-March and April, with the actual season being slightly different each year. Tourists from all across Ukraine adjust their hiking trips to catch the unique natural beauty and take unparalleled landscape photography.

Despite the country's vast area, these magnetic flowers reside primarily in the hills, forests, and valleys of Ukrainian Transcarpathia. The largest congregation of crocuses is seen around Vynohradiv, Mukachevo, and Mizhhirya. For the most picture-perfect sceneries, you should check out such sites as Dragobrat, the Uklyn, Berezynka, Kolochava, and the slopes of Pip Ivan Mountain, which is actually in Ivano-Frankivska oblast.

A crocus is an endangered plant featured in the Red Book of Ukraine. Besides its natural beauty, saffron is also used in culinary and cosmetology. The valleys cloaked with crocuses usually belong to the protected natural areas and preserves. On the bright side, local keepers claim that people have become a bit more conscientious in recent years, and the crocus population is slowly growing.

Practical info

When can tourists enjoy the beautiful crocuses of Ukrainian Transcarpathia?

Tourists can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of crocuses in Ukrainian Transcarpathia, particularly between mid-March and April. During this time, rare flowers blossom across the hills, forests, and valleys of Transcarpathia. This seasonal event attracts visitors from different parts of Ukraine, providing excellent opportunities for landscape photography. Show more

What are the best areas in Transcarpathia for hiking to see crocuses?

Hikers can find many picturesque areas to see crocuses in Ukrainian Transcarpathia. Top spots include the slopes of Pip Ivan Mountain in Ivano-Frankivska oblast; Berezynka, Uklyn, and Kolochava. These areas provide stunning views of the blooming crocuses covering Zakarpatska oblast's expanses, characterizing the region's natural beauty. Show more

Where is the largest concentration of crocuses found in Ukraine?

The largest concentration of crocuses in Ukraine is found in the hills, forests, and valleys of Ukrainian Transcarpathia. These valleys belong to protected natural areas and reserves where the endangered crocus plant is preserved. The crocuses often bloom around Vynohradiv, Mizhhirya, and Mukachevo, enchanting visitors with their unique purple color. Show more

What factors place the crocus plant on the Red Book of Ukraine?

Over-picking and deforestation are significant factors that render the crocus plant, commonly known as saffron, endangered in Ukraine. These factors contributed to the flower's inclusion in the Red Book of Ukraine, a list of threatened and rare species in the country. Thankfully, increased public awareness and conservation programs have contributed to the species' growth in certain areas. Show more

Apart from its aesthetics, does saffron have any other uses?

Saffron has numerous applications, including medicinal, cosmetic, and culinary. Ukrainians often use it as a cooking ingredient as the spice is renowned for its unique flavor, coloration, and fragrance. Saffron dietary supplements have proved useful in aiding sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression. Also, cosmetic products containing saffron are utilized for rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin. Show more

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