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Canola Fields in Luoping

It's a sin to miss such a giant golden carpet laid out in front of you!

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Rapeseed or canola blooming in Luoping is a breathtaking spectacle when you can experience bright yellow blossoms everywhere as far as your eyes can see. The best view of the canola blossoming reveals from the Jinji mountains in a foggy area northeast of Luoping. When the fog clears, one can enjoy a stunning and fantastic landscape of the flowers.

Discovered in Canada in the 1970's, Canola plants are used in the production of cooking oil. The blossoming canola plants attract many bees and their keepers who set up tents in the fields. Making honey products and raising bees are the primary vocation of Luoping.

In February and March, at the peak of canola blooming season, an annual festival takes place to honour the flower, while after the falling of the petals Luoping district returns to its drowsiness amongst the hills.

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