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Jacaranda Bloom

Jacaranda blossoms symbolize the arrival of spring to Buenos Aires

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In November, Buenos Aires gets covered with the lilac-colored jacaranda blooms. This stunning flowering tree that looks like a lilac cloud is called Jacaranda mimosifolia. It is also sometimes called a bell-bellied tree because its flowers are very similar to bluebells. The native tree of South America was introduced in Buenos Aires in the 19th century. Since then, it has become one of the symbols of Argentina's capital. By the end of the flowering season, lush Jacaranda flowers fall on the ground, creating a huge purple carpet under your feet. Expect nothing less than stunning beauty!

Jacaranda is a tall tree, reaching 12-15 meters in height. It is one of the best decorations, complementing the architecture of Buenos Aires. The city now boasts about 15,000 blooming trees. The first Jacarandas appeared at Tres de Febrero Park in 1875, and you can still find them blooming here. Other locations to admire the blooms include the historical Monserrat area, in particular Plaza de Mayo, Avenidas Roque Saenz Peña and Julio Argentino Roca. Plaza San Martin in Retiro area has them. Plaza Francia, Plaza Italia, Plaza Alemania, and Plaza Congreso, are lined with beautiful trees.

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