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Best time to go to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Tango Festival and Championship 2023

Feel the spirit of Argentina by visiting the most beautiful and passionate dance festival in Buenos Aires

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Tango is an essential part of Buenos Aires and Argentina. Locals regularly attend milongas (a South American dance evening where tango, waltz, and milonga are performed). During the Buenos Aires Tango Festival, the whole city lives with Argentine tango and its rhythms.

The festival has been held since 1999. Workshops featuring the best dancers and musicians from all over the world are organised throughout the city. Beginners can attend free master classes for ten days. There are also classes for more advanced dancers. There is even a special database where you can find yourself a partner for dancing.

A significant part of the festival is World Tango Championship. Hundreds of dancing couples from more than 40 countries of the world come to Buenos Aires to show their dance skills. The competition consists of two categories—salon tango (Tango de Pista) and stage tango (Tango Escenario). The first is characterised by slow, measured movements of the milonga. A special feature of the stage tango is virtuosic technique and acrobatic movements, including ballet.

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