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Dervish Dancing Performance

Take a glance of one of the most impressive performances of Cappadocia's best whirling dancers


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The whirling Dervish dance in Cappadocia is held in a beautiful historical setting. The performance fulfills your Turkish holidays perfectly well. The dance itself is deeply spiritual and each and every move of it stands for a particular Islamic symbol. At the very beginning of his whirling, the dancer holds his hands crosswise representing the divine beginning. Later on, he straightens his arms symbolizing his openness to the God. At this stage, his right arm is reached out to the sky showing his will to get God's blessings, while the left one is directed to the Earth standing for the connection to the human world. The very whirling of the dancer represents his eternal love for humanity. One more thing that you have to keep in mind is that silence is expected from the guests throughout the ceremony.

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