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Ball Pagès: Traditional Ibizan Folk Dance

Ibiza also has its age old traditions which may today be experienced through folk dances performed by costumed dancers

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Some long time ago agricultural Ibiza was home to hard-working farmers who used to take a break and entertain themselves with the occasional spontaneous folk dancing. Yes, Ibiza has not always been the European capital of clubbing and the residence of David Guetta. In fact, it used to have its own folk traditions which have since nearly died out, yet luckily have been miraculously saved by some nationally conscious local residents. There are a few dance troupes who amuse holidaymakers through folk dancing in traditional costumes at the so-called Ball Pagés. They perform every Thursday from May to October at 6 p.m. in the village of San Miguel in the North of Ibiza from May to October and also on Fridays in Dalt Vila (Ibiza Old Town) during from July to August.

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