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Almond Blossoms in Quinta de Los Molinos

The flowering of almond trees is a sign that spring has come to Madrid

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There's a park in Madrid that even a lot of the locals don't know about where the almond trees bloom each spring. The Quinta de Los Molinos, in the El Salvador barrio, boasts 21.5 hectares that make a lovely home for a large number of tree species, including olive, pine and eucalyptus, plus several fountains and a lake. But the real stars are the pink and white flowers of the almond trees, which also give off a heady scent. They bloom in the middle of March for two or three weeks.

The garden of Quinta de Los Molinos used to be owned by the Count of Torre Arias, but in 1920 it became a part of the estate of César Cort Botí, an engineer and architect. Since 1997 it has been considered a Historical Park.

At weekends it welcomes families kicking a ball around, couples taking a romantic stroll and groups of friends who can't stop snapping shots of the colourful trees with their mobile phones.

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