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Delicate snowdrops rising up from the snow are able to console and inspire even the saddest souls

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No matter how much you adore winter and snow, by February most people start to miss spring, growth, and green—and delicate tiny snowdrops are the greatest consolation of the season. The first white jewels rise right from snow already in late January and February and signify the near arrival of spring. In mid-March, they give way to daffodils and other seasonal flowers, but no other plant can evoke such a great joy as the charming little snowdrops.

The best places to observe the predictors of spring are Craigengillan Estate, Dark Sky Observatory area, Abriachan Garden Nursery, Royal Edinburgh's Botanic Garden, and the woodlands surrounding Duntreath Castle. The majority of the listed snowdrop hotspots open to the public during the annual Snowdrop Festival.

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