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Crown Daisy or Lellux Blooming

‘Love-me, love-me not’ (thobbni, ma thobbnix)...Do you know such a game?


Crown Daisy or Lellux Blooming in Malta 2020 - Best Time

Walking the Maltese countryside from mid-winter to summer, you will see fields carpeted with lellux, wild yellow flowers which are just like a mini sun. These are Maltese Lellux or Crown Daisies, a wildflower that blooms from March to June. It is very common in the Maltese region and grows on fallow ground near seashores and garigue areas. Lellux is slightly hairier and has dark green leaves. Its flowers are pale yellow, sometimes orange. Maltese also called them Zofran. Their flowers are 30-60mm. The plant is not high, its stems can only reach a height of around 60cm.

Crown Daisy or Lellux Blooming in Malta - Best Season 2020