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Bougainvillea Bloom

Luxurious vines abundant with flowers are truly a fabulous decoration for Los Angeles

Bougainvillea Bloom in Los Angeles - Best Time
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The immense popularity of this flower has been earned thanks to an exceptionally long flowering time, as it blossoms for the whole summer in the courtyards of Los Angeles, adorning the gates, walls, and roofs of houses. Bougainvillea is a shrub, creeping, climbing, or clinging with lignified stems. The colouring of flowers is usually bright crimson, but also purple, white, yellow, and pink.

Bougainvillea Bloom in Los Angeles - Best Season

Glendora Bougainvillea located in Los Angeles County is the largest area of growing Bougainvillea in the United States. Lianas stretch for 183 metres (600 feet) along Bennett Avenue and Minnesota Avenue, wrapping old palm trees.

Magical flowers can be seen here throughout the year, although the most exquisite blooming is observed from May to July. Another Bougainvillea blooming month is December but winter bloom is usually less intense.

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