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Mexican Sunflowers Bloom in Thailand

Travel from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son to get the amazing view of a golden sea of Mexican sunflowers

Best time: November–December

Mexican Sunflowers Bloom
Mexican Sunflowers Bloom

Endless fields of golden yellow flowers along the Highway 108 will strike you with their magnificence. With a cool breeze of autumn the Mount Mae U-kho in Mae Hong Son province the wonder starts. So, plan your trip around these fields to get the best look and enjoy the wonderland.

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When is the best time to visit Thailand to see the Mexican Sunflowers bloom?

The ideal time to witness the endless fields of golden Mexican sunflowers blooming in Thailand is during November-December. The Mae Hong Son province is famous for its Mexican sunflower fields, and you can enjoy a trip there during this period when the flowers are in full bloom. The cool breezes and clear skies in November and December make it the perfect season to explore the province and enjoy the sprawling fields of Mexican sunflowers. Show more

Where is the Mexican Sunflower field located in Thailand?

Mae Hong Son is a Thai province that is home to the Mexican sunflower field. The field is located on the western side of the country, along the Highway 108. Mount Mae U-kho peak is the exact location of the sunflower field, which is easily accessible from the Highway. You can plan a trip from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son and explore the vast and mesmerizing fields of golden Mexican sunflowers. Show more

What are some other attractions to visit in Mae Hong Son province besides the Mexican Sunflower fields?

In addition to the popular Mexican sunflower fields, Mae Hong Son province has several other attractions that you can explore. This province is renowned for its wooden monasteries and majestic temples, including the Wat Phra That Doi Kongmu Temple. Nature lovers can also discover the Tham Pla Forest Park and the Pang Oung Nature Reserve in the province. Additionally, you can immerse yourself in the unique cultures and traditions of the ethnic minority tribes living in the province. Show more

When is the best time of day to visit the Mexican Sunflower fields for optimal lighting?

For optimal lighting while visiting the Mexican Sunflower fields in Mae Hong Son province, it is best to go during the early hours of the day or late afternoon, near the sunset hour. During these periods, you can get the perfect lighting for capturing beautiful photographs. You can get soft and warm colors as the sun is low on the horizon at these hours. Midday sun can be quite harsh and may not provide the best photographic conditions. Show more

Where can I find the most picturesque viewpoint for photographing the Mexican Sunflowers in Thailand?

To get the most picturesque view of the vast expanse of golden Mexican sunflowers, the best place to visit is on the top of Mount Mae U-kho, which is easily accessible from Highway 108. From here, you can get an awe-inspiring view of the sunflower fields. You can also take some viewpoint photos while hiking the fields, but ensure not to disturb the flowers. A responsible and ethical approach is essential while exploring and photographing the sunflower fields. Show more

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