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Azalea Bloom in Tyler in Texas

Bright colours and the sweet aroma of spring welcomes everyone in the beautiful East Texas city of Tyler

Azalea Bloom in Tyler
Azalea Bloom in Tyler
Azalea Bloom in Tyler

The 10-mile long Tyler Azalea Trail welcomes thousands of visitors to enjoy the beautiful blooming gardens, quaint brick streets, and historic homes of their neighbourhood. There are two marked routes: the Lindsey Trail and the Dobbs Trail. You can either walk or drive along the route. Some of the locals may offer you a closer look at their fairytale gardens, thus walking might be more interesting.

Along your way the aroma of spring in Tyler will open up to you with lots of white and pink Dogwoods, Redbud trees, Japanese Maples, tulips, and daffodils as well. Over 100,000 people from all over the States visit Tyler each spring. The official greeters of the Azalea Trail are the Azalea Belles. These are charming young women from the Tyler area, dressed in antebellum gowns. It is a big honour to be one of them and represent the city and welcome the guests.

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When can Azaleas be seen blooming in Tyler?

Azaleas bloom in Tyler from mid-March to mid-April each year. Visitors from all over the world come to experience this lovely event, which lasts six weeks, depending on the weather. You can enjoy a walk or drive along one of two marked routes, the Lindsey Trail and the Dobbs Trail, both about ten miles long, featuring a variety of Azaleas, other flowers and free public gardens. Show more

Where is the Tyler Azalea Trail located?

The Tyler Azalea Trail features two marked routes - the Lindsey Trail and the Dobbs Trail - both about ten miles long. The route starts centrally near to the Tyler Rose Garden. Visitors are advised to walk, allowing them to take in the beautiful gardens, meet locals and learn more about the area. Alongside Azaleas, visitors will find blooming dogwood trees, Japanese maples and various spring bulbs, including daffodils and tulips. Show more

What other plants and flowers can visitors expect to see on the Tyler Azalea Trail?

Dogwood trees, Japanese maples and various spring bulbs, such as daffodils and tulips, are just some of the other plants and flowers you can see along the Tyler Azalea Trail. Gardeners in Tyler work hard to ensure that there are an array of colourful displays for visitors to admire. Some of the most creative and unusual gardening ideas can be witnessed along the trail. Show more

Who are the Azalea Belles and what is their role?

Azalea Belles are young women from the Tyler area, dressed in antebellum gowns, who represent the city and greet guests to the area. They are the official greeters of the Azalea Trail and can be admired whilst strolling or posing for photographs. As well as character and photo opportunities, Azalea Belles can also answer visitor questions about Tyler's history and culture. They are a big part of making it a special event for everyone who attends. Show more

Are there any other events or activities occurring during the Tyler Azalea Bloom season?

The Tyler Azalea Bloom festival isn't only about walking around gardens and viewing the beautiful Azaleas. There are other exciting, simultaneous events taking place to welcome tourists. Besides the walking trail, there are also events such as Azalea Arts & Crafts Fair, Children’s Art, and the Ikebana floral exhibit. More information can be found on the Tyler Convention and Visitor's Bureau's official website. Show more

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