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Almond Trees in Bloom, Corsica 2025

A delightful natural sight of spring in Corsica

Best time: early March

Almond Trees in Bloom
Almond Trees in Bloom

Delicate pink blossoms of almond trees illuminate Corsica in early March. The orchards of the Balagne and Nebbiu regions especially, paint the whole regional landscape in a beautiful hue of pink.

Practical info

What's the timing for viewing the almond blossom in Corsica?

Corsica's almond trees blossom by early March, with the pink petals of the flowers emerging to make a splendid view. This bloom is particularly abundant in Nebbiu and Balagne's orchards, which are prime spots for visitors seeking to behold this natural spectacle of springtime. Show more

Where exactly can we witness the almond blossoms in Corsica?

The orchards of Nebbiu and Balagne regions offer the best viewing locations for the blooming almond trees in Corsica, which transforms the landscapes into beautiful pink shades. Visitors who wish to increase their opportunities to see the almond blossoms may explore other areas such as Reginu and Taravo valleys. Show more

What other flowers bloom in Corsica during early March?

In addition to the almond blossoms, several flowers offer splendid sights in Corsica during March. Depending on the area, visitors may spot primroses, violets, and yellow pheasant's eye sweetly reverberating with the fragrant citrus trees, including oranges and lemons, which are also in the midst of their blooming period. Show more

Is there a fest linked to the almond blossom season in Corsica?

Corsica celebrates the Fiera di Amandulu festival in Aregno, Balagne, during the first weekend of March. Visitors to the festivities may participate in local product tastings, including olives, wines, and almonds, and enjoy traditional dancing and music. Show more

What dish makes use of almonds as a key ingredient in Corsican cuisine?

One of the best-known traditional Corsican dishes is Fiadone, which is dessert comparable to cheesecake, made with fresh cheese and almond flour. There is also pulenta, a variation of polenta that employs chestnut flour and almonds. Tourists should also not miss the opportunity to purchase Corsican nougat, a combination of honey which is famous for having almonds, to take as a souvenir back home. Show more

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