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Skydiving in Estonia

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Best time: April–September


Skydiving is best suited for those with nerves of steal. In Tallinn, you can find a skydiving school which is the largest and most active in Estonia. There you can find all the equipment and training for a good flight and a memorable jump. You can do it alone, in tandem, or in a group. For a great memory, you can get a video of your flight. The one thing you should remember is that the best period for any kind of flight is from April to September when the weather conditions are most suitable—sunny, and without strong winds.

Practical info

Is skydiving in Tallinn available all year round?

Skydiving in Tallinn is not always available. You can try it from April to September when the weather is more suitable. The nearby service provider, Skydive Estonia, does operate all year long but advises customers to try from April to September for the best possible experience. Show more

How long does a skydiving session last?

The skydiving session lasts between 2-3 hours depending on the option you choose. The actual freefall may only last for a few minutes, while the whole experience varies. For Tandem jumps, the freefall is about 20 seconds before the parachute is opened for descent. The descent part takes another 5-7 minutes. Experienced jumpers or first-time solo jumpers may have around 1 minute for free fall and roughly 5 extra minutes in the air, depending on their choice. Show more

Can beginners try skydiving in Estonia?

At Skydive Estonia, beginners can have a chance to try Skydiving. With a range of Skydiving options from the tandem to accelerated freefall jumps for those who prefer solo jumps. Novices receive training and support throughout the session, with trained professionals to guide them through every step. For enthusiasts who want to become solo jumpers, Skydive Estonia also provides courses for first-time jumpers or experienced skydivers to build experience and confidence. Show more

What is the minimum age to try skydiving in Estonia?

For anyone who wants to try skydiving in Estonia, they will need to be 16 years old or older. Individuals under the age of 18 must obtain parental consent to participate. To qualify, one needs to meet the weight requirements which should range from 40kg-120kg or 90lbs-265lbs for tandem jumps. Also, the person should be physically fit or free of medical conditions that could jeopardize their experience, such as epilepsy or any heart condition or blood pressure issue. Show more

Are there any specific health requirements for skydiving in Estonia?

Skydiving requires an enormous amount of physical activity, and as such, your health condition should be optimal to avoid any complications. At Skydive Estonia, clients are encouraged to provide any medical information regarding their health as a precautionary measure. Those with epilepsy, high blood pressure, or heart complications are required to consult with their healthcare provider before attempting a jump. For safety, clients must not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol before embarking on the jump. Show more

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