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White Nights in Estonia 2024

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Best time: May–July

White Nights
White Nights
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One of the most miraculous natural phenomena, which just can't be missed while visiting Estonia, is so-called "white nights." This is the time when darkness never quite fully comes. For people who come from the southern countries, this must seem quite unusual. There is something magical about it, though. Big cities usually offer some night activities during this time. You may have a night sightseeing excursions, a walk in a park, or night visits to the Tallinn Zoo. During the night animals are sometimes more free and relaxed and can open some new insight into their life and behavior. Nature at this time of the year is at its best so simply walking around the city or park can be also a great way to spend your white nights.

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What is the best time to visit Estonia to experience white nights?

Visiting Estonia between May and July is ideal for experiencing the country's white nights. The white nights create a mystical spectacle that lasts almost two months, and during this time, the night sky is illuminated, and the darkness is not complete. It's a breathtaking natural phenomenon, and an excellent opportunity to explore and participate in the various exceptional activities available in the country during the white nights. Show more

What are some exciting night activities available during white nights in Tallinn?

During the white nights in Tallinn, various exciting outdoor activities are available. You can explore the city's surroundings, enjoy a picnic in one of its parks, and appreciate the illuminated castles. Other activities include nighttime sightseeing excursions and visiting the Tallinn Zoo. Since the sunset occurs later, the animals tend to be more relaxed, creating a perfect ambiance for observing them in their element. Show more

How does the white nights phenomenon affect the behavior of animals at Tallinn Zoo?

The bright, pleasant atmosphere during white nights makes it an excellent time to observe animals at the Tallinn Zoo. The longer daylight hours change the animals' usual nocturnal behavior, making some animals more active during the day. Consequently, visitors can get a glimpse of the animals' natural behavior like feeding, mating, and playing, which would not be possible during regular zoo hours. Show more

Are there any natural nighttime sights to explore during white nights?

In Estonia, apart from the spectacular sky view during the white nights, visitors can explore other natural nighttime sights. The abandoned Padise Monastery ruins on a hillside and the ghost town of Haapsula are two spooky places worth visiting. Check out hiking trails ordinarily closed to visitors after dark, offering a serene nighttime experience for visitors who love nature at night. Show more

What are the unique features of the 'white nights' in Estonia compared to other countries?

Estonia has a distinctive experience of the 'white nights' that stands apart from other countries. It is due to the country's northern latitude, low light pollution, and clear skies that make the white nights more magical and luminous. While experiencing the white nights in Estonia, visitors can explore medieval castles, beautiful Old Town landmarks, and be enchanted by Estonia's unique charm. Show more

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