Best time to travel to Estonia

White Nights

Don't miss the chance to experience the "white nights" full of exciting ways to spend time

White Nights in Estonia 2019 - Best Time
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© Colin Grubbs

One of the most miraculous natural phenomenon, which just can't be missed while visiting Estonia, is so-called "white nights." This is the time when darkness never quite fully comes. For people who come from the southern countries, this must seem quite unusual. There is something magical about it, though. Big cities usually offer some night activities during at this time. You may have a night sightseeing excursions, a walk in a park, or night visits to the Tallinn Zoo. During the night animals are sometimes more free and relaxed and can open some new insight to their life and behaviour. Nature at this time of the year is at its best so simply walking around the city or park can be also a great way to spend your white nights.

White Nights in Estonia - Best Season 2019