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Polar Days in Norway

In summer the sun lavishes Norway with the daylight all night long

Best time: mid-May–late July

Polar Days
Polar Days
Polar Days

Have you ever heard about midnight sun? It literally means that the sun is shining brightly at midnight. Such a natural phenomenon might be experienced in Norway between May and July in the northern county of Finmark (Troms og Finnmark) through North Cape (Nordkapp), and only from mid-June to early July in Nordland county. The closer to the North Pole, the more sunny nights you'll find in a row.

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When is the period of the midnight sun in Norway?

From mid-May to late July in Norway, visitors can experience the phenomenon of the midnight sun. The sun shines for 24 hours or nearly 24 hours during this time. The degree of sunshine is highest in Troms og Finnmark and Nordkapp, where visitors can experience more days of sunlight in a row. Show more

Which parts of Norway are ideal for watching the midnight sun?

Troms og Finnmark, Nordkapp, and Nordland are the best places to experience the midnight sun in Norway. Visitors who visit Troms og Finnmark can experience the phenomenon of the sun remaining visible for more than two months without setting. Svalbard, North Cape, and the Lofoten Islands are fantastic locations to explore the unique nature of the phenomenon further. Show more

When is the best period to visit Norway to experience the midnight sun?

The summer months from mid-May to late July are the best times to experience the midnight sun in Norway. Visitors can experience extended daylight to engage in various outdoor activities and view the stunning scenery. The natural phenomena can be observed in most parts of Northern Norway, where the sunlight remains visible for almost 24 hours. Show more

What are the regions in Norway that experience the brightest midnight sun?

The degree of brightness of the midnight sun varies depending on proximity to the North Pole. However, certain regions in Norway provide an excellent view of the phenomenon. For instance, Nordkapp or parts of Troms og Finnmark, and Nordland counties display an excellent view of the midnight sun. During the summer months, the sun stays above the horizon throughout the night in most parts of Northern Norway. Show more

Aside from the midnight sun, what other unique natural occurrences can be observed in Norway during summer?

Apart from the midnight sun, visitors in Norway can enjoy other unique natural phenomena in summer. Northern lights or Aurora Borealis can be observed in autumn and winter. Tourists can experience the fjords, glaciers, waterfalls, colorful towns, and pristine beaches that provide breathtaking views. Several natural parks throughout the country offer camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Show more

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