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Midnight Sun in Svalbard

Few things in the world can match the feeling of sunlight warming your face in the middle of the night.

Midnight Sun

The natural phenomenon of the midnight sun involves the sun shining non-stop night and day. This means weeks and months of warming, vivifying and excellent light. Most people don’t believe in such a miracle until they see it. The number of days of midnight sun depends directly on how far north of the Arctic Circle you get as the sun on the northern part is always higher. This is why it is visible from almost anywhere at this point.

Svalbard usually welcomes the midnight sun from approximately late April to late August, namely from April 19 to August 23. But at many extreme sites, the sun can be continuously visible for up to six months. The North Pole has midnight sun from late March to late September.

Ask the locals about places with the most beautiful views and stay outside in the evenings because you never know when the sun will make its way out through the clouds.

Practical info

When is the best time to experience the midnight sun in Svalbard?

To witness the midnight sun phenomenon in Svalbard, visiting between late April and late August is highly recommended. The duration of the midnight sun can vary depending on the location. During this period, visitors can enjoy up to a 24-hour day of daylight. Some sites even have the sun visible for six months in summer. Show more

How long does the midnight sun last in Svalbard?

In Svalbard, the midnight sun lasts for four months between April 19 to August 23. During this time, the sun doesn’t set, which means visitors can enjoy extended daylight hours and participate in popular outdoor activities like hiking, wildlife watching, and sightseeing. Show more

Where are the best places to view the midnight sun in Svalbard?

The most stunning sights of the midnight sun in Svalbard can be found at Arctic fjords and mountaintops offering unobstructed views. Adventfjorden, Isfjorden, and Sassenfjorden are preferred destinations for viewing the midnight sun, while visitors may also opt for boat tours to get a better glimpse of this phenomenon. Show more

What other unique activities can be done in Svalbard during the midnight sun period?

The wealth of activities to enjoy in Svalbard during the midnight sun period is expansive. Visitors can explore the Arctic wilderness, hike, walk on glaciers, take boat trips, kayak, and watch wildlife. An unforgettable experience that must not be missed out is trying dog-sledding during summer. Show more

How does the phenomenon of the midnight sun affect the daily routines of the locals in Svalbard?

With the onslaught of the midnight sun during summer in Svalbard, the daily routines of locals are significantly impacted. With more exposure to daylight, locals stay outdoors late into the night, leading to extended working hours and a lively nightlife. This means staying awake until the sun sets is a routine for most locals. Show more

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