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Polar Nights

Winter holidays in Norway will give you a glimpse of what it is like to live without sun and the curious ways to find amusement without it


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To spend a few dark blue days and nights in Norway is an unusual experience. In the northernmost part of the country the sun does not rise for two months between November and January. Although someone might think that it must be quite depressing to live for months without the sunlight and usual division into nights and days, many Norwegians consider this time their favorite season. In fact, recent surveys have proved that locals are less prone to winter depression than the residents of other regions. Actually, the nights are not so black, but rather blue, and snow coverage makes for appealing setting, which in general is really romantic and worth seeing. The most popular Polar Nights destination in Norway is Tromsø, located 350 km above the Arctic Circle and boasting 60 Polar Nights in a row.

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