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Kaamos: the Polar Night

For most people it's quite hard to imagine a complete darkness for 24 hours a day. And then imagine that this period can last for several weeks, or even months

Kaamos: the Polar Night in Finland 2019 - Best Time
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People living close to the Arctic Circle experience unique natural phenomena—the Midnight sun in summer and the Polar night in winter. Every year, during winter months, in the northern part of Finland you can witness 24 hours of darkness. Finns call this period Kaamos.

This period usually begins around December and lasts from several weeks up to two months in the northernmost regions. The level of darkness depends on the altitude. The closer you are to the pole, the darker this period will be. When you move further from the pole, the darkness will rather look as twilight.

Kaamos in Finnish Lappland 2019
Kaamos in Finnish Lappland

The Polar night usually coincides with the winter solstice, 21st of December. In some regions days are just becoming shorter, leaving only a few hours of sunlight per day. When it hides below the horizon, all the landscape is covered with blue and violet shades. It is especially beautiful when there is plenty of snow, and the shades reflect and glitter. The same thing happens before the sunrise, even if it doesn't occur. You can also observe stunning Northern Lights in the northern parts of Finland. Kaamos is a truly magical period for those who are not afraid of cold and darkness.