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Swimming in the Midnight Sun in Norway

A midnight sun swim is a fun pastime during mild Norwegian summers

Best time: June–August

Swimming in the Midnight Sun
Swimming in the Midnight Sun

Many people associate Norway with cold Arctic climate and do not suppose any swimming opportunities are possible. In fact, summer in Norway is pleasantly warm, especially in the areas surrounded with mountains, where water temperatures are bearable enough to bathe, and midnight sun turns the ordinary swimming into quite an extraordinary experience. The western fjord area and the eastern side of the southern mountains provide excellent scenic swimming spots. Gamle Bergen and Helleneset are considered the most popular swimming areas.

Practical info

When is the best time to go swimming in the midnight sun in Norway?

The perfect time to enjoy swimming in the midnight sun in Norway is during the summer months, which span from June to August. These months offer warm weather, and with the sun remaining up all night, visitors can swim for longer in the pleasant sunlight. Show more

Where can I find the best places to swim in Norway during the midnight sun?

Norway boasts numerous sites to enjoy swimming during the midnight sun. The western area of the fjords and the southern mountains' eastern side have the most spectacular locations. Tourists often frequent Helleneset and Gamle Bergen swimming areas, which offer breathtaking views of the mountains' fjords. Other notable mentions include Fjærland, Geirangerfjord, and Naeroyfjord. Show more

What is the temperature of the water during the summer months in Norway?

The temperature of the water in Norway varies throughout the day and location. For instance, water temperatures can rise as high as 20℃ (68℉) during the day, while temperature can drop to as low as 10-15℃ (50-59℉) at night. Visitors can bathe in the water, thanks to its bearable nature, especially in the southern mountains regions. Show more

Are there any safety precautions to take while swimming in Norway?

Swimming in Norway requires following standard safety guidelines, like avoiding swimming alone, staying near the shore, and avoiding cold and deep water. Visitors should always check the weather forecast and look out for potential tide changes due to Norway's strong currents and low tides, which may expose dangerous areas. Show more

What other activities can I do during my visit to Norway besides swimming during the midnight sun?

Apart from swimming during the midnight sun, there are numerous activities to engage in while visiting Norway. Visitors can explore the natural beauty of Norway by hiking, skiing, and fishing. Must-visit spots include glaciers, waterfalls, fjords, and northern lights. Furthermore, visitors can explore the vibrant cities of Oslo and Bergen, which brim with museums, restaurants, and nightlife. For unique experiences, visitors can go bird watching, whale watching, and kayaking. Show more

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