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Grand Canyon Railway

Take a scenic train ride to one of the world's seven wonders

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The Grand Canyon Railway experience is a highly recommended activity for everyone visiting the Grand Canyon National Park. The first trip from the city of Williams to Grand Canyon Village occurred back in 1901. Since then, millions have travelled this enchanting route. And you're also welcome to the ride of your lifetime. You should know it is more than just a scenic train trip. This is a full-packed adventure that brings you back in time to the Old West.

Watch carefully what's outside your window, and you'll see much more than vast plains. Elks, mule deer, mountain lions, skunks, squirrels, and other wildlife frequently appear en route. Expect to spot some cowboys riding their wild horses. Could they hijack your train? Sure, that's a daily matter. Whenever these freebooters get on board, be ready to give your money away... Hold on, it's not that deadly dangerous,—in reality, it's just entertainment. Besides, the sheriff is also there, always on alert, chasing those villains away.

The crew of Grand Canyon Railway is also fascinating. They never get tired of narrating folklore and tales. Authentic musicians only add to this already perfect atmosphere, so genuinely Old West.

The journey takes 2 hours and 15 minutes, 45 minutes faster than back in 1901. The train departs daily from Williams at 9:30 am and arrives at Grand Canyon Depot at 11:45. Later at 3:30 pm the train starts its trip back and the tour is over at 5:45 pm at Williams Depot. During the high season, there's an extra train departing from Williams Depot an hour later—at 10:30 am, and correspondingly it finishes its tour at 6:45 pm. All aboard!

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