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Skiing and Snowboarding in Macedonia 2024-2025

Winter holidays in Macedonia are affordable and will please any winter sport enthusiast

Best time: December–early April

Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
Popova Šapka

Despite its southern location, the Macedonian mountains are covered with plenty of snow from December until the end of April. Skiers and snowboarders can find here various terrains suitable for all levels. Besides, North Macedonia’s ski resorts are among the most affordable in Europe, which makes them especially attractive to budget travelers.

The best free rides are offered in the most popular resort Popova Šapka in the Dinaric mountains, reaching as high as 9,013 feet (2,747 m). Gently rounded slopes make incredibly long runs (up to 6 miles or 10km). Skilled snowboarders and skiers can take advantage of the Eskimo snowcat free-ride on Sharplanina mountain. The untouched surroundings boast glacial lakes and lush forests. The ski resort is also home to the annual Sar Cup in mid-February.

Conquering a moon-like terrain can become a fun adventure in Mavrovo National Park, famous for its slalom pistes. Krushevo, being also a wellness resort, is perfect for a relaxing vacation. Ski lifts in Krushevo conveniently depart from the very center of the town. For adrenaline rides, advanced travelers should try the tiny ski resort Pelister and enjoy its thrilling 3,841-feet (1,171 m) descent.

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When is the ideal time to head to Macedonia if you're hoping to enjoy skiing and snowboarding?

The best time to go skiing or snowboarding in Macedonia is between December and the start of April. During this time, heavy snowfall at the Macedonian mountains ensures different terrains, enticing to every skill level. One of the significant skiing spots is Popova Šapka, situated in North Macedonia. Skiers and snowboarders can enjoy different slopes, with one of the most popular ones in Popova Šapka, perfect for all entry levels. Another spot is the Mavrovo National Park, famous for its excellent slalom pistes. Show more

In what parts of Macedonia are the most popular ski resorts located?

When visiting Macedonia, tourists can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in various spots, some of the most popular ones being Krushevo, Mavrovo National Park, Pelister, and Popova Šapka, which is the highest resort. With its unique beauty, Popova Šapka is situated at the top of Dinaric mountains, featuring striking terrains that all skiing and snowboarding enthusiast can enjoy. For a more relaxing vacation, Krushevo might be just the right choice. Although Pelister is comparatively less crowded when it comes to skiing, its terrains are ideal for adrenaline fiends. Show more

What should visitors know about Popova Šapka, the highest ski resort in Macedonia?

Popova Šapka is one of the highest ski resorts in Macedonia, situated in the Dinaric mountains, reaching 9,013 feet (2,747 m) height. Its terrains offer slopes suitable for all levels, making it an attractive destination for skiers and snowboarders. Adventurers can try the Eskimo snowcat free-ride on Sharplanina mountain, which is a real treat. The place is known for its untouched environment, including glacial lakes, dense forests, and amazing long runs of up to 6 miles or 10 km. Sar Cup, an annual winter sports competition, happens in Popova Šapka in mid-February. Show more

What ski resort within Macedonia would be ideal for those travelers who are looking for an adventure?

Pelister is a small, less crowded ski resort situated in Macedonia, perfect for adventure seekers. With its 1,171 m vertical drop and challenging terrains, Pelister is an ideal destination for those passionate about extreme sports. With the range of lifts starting from the Sina Vodata hotel, visitors can enjoy the scenic Pelister National Park view. It offers a more intimate, laid-back experience where visitors can explore the striking surroundings. Pelister resort is an ultimate thrill-seeker's choice. Show more

Other than skiing, what are some other activities visitors can enjoy in Mavrovo National Park?

Mavrovo National Park is not limited to skiing; there are other things to look forward to during visitors' trips. The park has a vast trail system allowing visitors to saunter around the stunning surroundings and hike. An ideal location for hikers is the three or four-day hikes around Mavrovo Lake. The park offers snowshoeing, ice-skating, and sled rides, which are traditional activities to enjoy. Moreover, there is a wellness center in the town of Mavrovo where visitors can relax and enjoy a massage. You can also experience the authentic local cuisine in the local restaurants. Show more

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