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Skiing and Snowboarding near LA in Los Angeles

It is possible to go skiing and surfing in Los Angeles on the same day

Best time: December–March

Skiing and Snowboarding near LA
Skiing and Snowboarding near LA

Californians are very fond of active recreation, especially in the winter. While there is rarely any snow in Los Angeles, the mountains north and east of the city have plenty, so skiers and snowboarders can travel up the winding mountain roads to their favourite skiing destinations. Nine ski resorts are located just a two or three-hour drive from Los Angeles.

Mount Baldy cannot boast the highest altitude, but this resort is located just an hour away from the city. Skating is available in an area of ​​several acres, which means more opportunities for training. Due to the fact that the slopes of Mount Baldy are slightly below the base altitude, there is more snow than at other resorts, but the season there is short.

Mount High is the biggest resort, about an hour drive from Los Angeles. This is the most affordable option on our list, but unfortunately, also the most crowded one. The trails there are also not so impressive, but they are perfect for beginners.

Snow Valley Mountain Resort is the most popular resort for residents of Los Angeles. It has several diamond tracks, vertical slopes, and steep slopes for the most daring skiers and snowboarders. Events such as the Winter X Games were held at this site. This is also a good option for beginners, with close access to the city.

Bear Mountain is covered with a kilometre of snow slopes. In addition, it serves primarily for intermediate and advanced skiers and offers free lessons for skiers and snowboarders. Big Bear is an excellent choice for more experienced skiers, who no longer rank themselves as beginners.

Mammoth Mountain is the best ski resort in Southern California This place is located in 5.5 hours from Los Angeles, offering 1,400 hectares for riding in different terrain and with several ski parks. The mountain looks very impressive when it is coated with a dense snow cover.

The best time to ride the slopes is December through March, though most resorts operate from late November to early April.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Los Angeles if I want to go skiing or snowboarding?

You can visit Los Angeles for skiing or snowboarding activities from December to March. Resorts operate from late November to April's first week. Skiing and snowboarding are best in the mountainous regions near Los Angeles, where the temperature is cold enough to retain snowfall. It's an ideal time for outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding. Show more

Where can I find the most popular ski resort for Los Angeles residents that also offers diamond tracks?

Snow Valley Mountain Resort is a preferred choice for Los Angeles residents. It hosts both vertical slopes and steep slopes and has diamond tracks available for skiing. Snow Valley is known for being the most popular ski resort near Los Angeles and has previously hosted the Winter X games. It has a vast array of accommodation options, making it an ideal place to go skiing and snowboarding. Show more

How far is Mount High from Los Angeles?

Mount high, the most significant ski resort in acreage, is nearly an hour's drive from Los Angeles. It provides a great destination for a day trip from the city with its proximity. The terrain is best suited for people looking to learn skiing and snowboarding basics. Although it's generally crowded compared to other ski resorts, it's still a great experience to spend a day there. Show more

What type of terrain is offered at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort?

Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort has an area of over 1,400 hectares, accommodating diverse terrain for skiing and snowboarding visitors. It has various ski parks catering to all levels of skill, making it an attractive option. Mammoth Mountain also provides steep and challenging slopes for experienced skiers. It's located about 5.5 hours away from Los Angeles and is among the most popular ski resorts in California. Show more

Is it possible to ski in Los Angeles and then surf in Palm Springs on the same day?

It's nearly impossible to go skiing in Los Angeles and then surfing in Palm Springs on the same day because they are several hours apart. However, you can visit Malibu or Santa Monica to surf after skiing, which are closer to Los Angeles. Skiing and surfing strongly depend on weather conditions, so planning is essential to enjoy these outdoor activities fully. Show more

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