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Skiing and Snowboarding
Boyne Highlands
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With tons of snow and pristine slopes, Michigan has the second largest number of ski areas in the US. Even though the mountains in Michigan are not that tall, the state boasts 47 ski areas and 50 terrain parks with about 1,000 runs altogether, providing plenty of diversity for any winter sports enthusiast. Michigan ski resorts are usually opening in late November and close in mid-April. However, the snow is the deepest in February, which makes it the best month for skiing and snowboarding in the state.

Upper Penisula: Powderhorn and Brule

It starts snowing in the U.P. quite early, so by Thanksgiving, all of its nine ski resorts, located in western and central parts of the U.P., are usually ready to open. The largest is Big Powderhorn, which features 253 ac (102 ha) of slopes and 45 runs as well as three terrain parks. Big Powderhorn is also known as one of the best destinations for cross-country skiing due to a wide network of trails going through picturesque spots. After skiing and snowboarding, riders can relax at the Bavarian village. There're plenty of lodging options in Wakefield, which include chalets and hotels. Ski Brule, located in Iron River, is the highest ski resort in Michigan, featuring a 500-ft (152-m) vertical drop, 150 skiable ac (61 ha) of slopes, and 17 ski runs. Polished terrain is accompanied by beautiful views and family-friendly entertainment like sleigh rides through the Ski Brule Village. Cross-country skiing trails are also available at Ski Brule. The resort offers chalets for rent which is the best lodging option in the area.

Northern Michigan: Boyne Highlands, Crystal Mountain

Boyne Highlands is the largest ski area in the state, located in Harbor Springs, Northern Michigan. It features 16 mi (26 km) of slopes and eight lifts that take riders to an elevation of 1,338 ft (408 m). 55 groomed runs and several terrain parks are suited to riders and skiers of all levels. In addition to downhill skiing, there is tubing, snowshoeing, and plenty of entertainment. Crystal Mountain is one of the most scenic destinations of Northern Michigan. The ski resort, located in Thompsonville, offers 3 mi (5 km) of slopes and seven lifts that take guests to elevations up to 1,181 ft (360 m). The resort also has trails for cross-country skiing.

Southern Michigan: Alpine Valley

Alpine Valley is the largest and most beautiful ski resort in southern Michigan and only some 42 mi (68 km) northwest of downtown Detroit. The ski area located in White Lake, Michigan, features nine chairlifts and 25 slopes. There are four terrain parks, a ski lodge, and Hornet's Nest Lounge with après-ski dancing and entertainment.

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When is the ideal time to go skiing and snowboarding in Michigan?

Michigan's ideal skiing and snowboarding month is February due to the presence of the deepest snow. The ski season runs from late November to mid-April, and Thanksgiving usually marks the opening of the nine ski resorts in the U.P., which are located in the central and western regions of the U.P. Snow often falls early in the Upper Peninsula, resulting in early openings and plenty of winter sports opportunities. Show more

What is the name and location of the highest ski resort in Michigan?

Ski Brule, located in Iron River, is the highest ski resort in Michigan. It includes 17 ski runs, 150 skiable ac (61 ha) of slopes, and has a 500-ft (152-m) vertical drop. Renting a chalet is the best lodging choice in this region. There are many other ski resorts in Michigan, but they generally lie nearer to the Lower Peninsula and Detroit metropolitan areas. Show more

Which resorts offer the largest ski areas in Michigan?

Boyne Highlands, located in Harbor Springs, Northern Michigan, is Michigan's largest ski area, with eight lifts and 16 mi (26 km) of slopes. Crystal Mountain, located in Thompsonville, is another large ski area with seven lifts and 3 mi (5 km) of ski slopes, taking guests to elevations reaching 1,181 ft (360 m). Big Powderhorn and Ski Brule, both situated in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, also offer extensive skiing areas. Show more

Are there any cross-country skiing trails in Michigan?

Michigan is famous for cross-country skiing, with Big Powderhorn providing a broad range of trails in scenic spots. Crystal Mountain and Ski Brule also offer cross-country skiing, making the state an excellent location for this low-impact sporting activity. Michigan's winters are extremely long and can be bleak, but cross-country skiing is an excellent way to see the beauty of the state's natural scenery and keep fit and healthy. Show more

What is the nearest ski resort to Detroit?

Alpine Valley, located about 42 mi (68 km) northwest of downtown Detroit, is southern Michigan's biggest and most beautiful ski resort. It features twenty-five ski slopes, nine chairlifts, and four terrain parks. The resort's amenities include a ski lodge and Hornet's Nest Lounge, where visitors can relax, dance, and enjoy après-ski entertainment, making it a great location for a winter vacation. Show more

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