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Best time to visit Bulgaria

Skiing and Snowboarding

Bulgarian ski resorts are an excellent opportunity for first-timers to improve their skills or just enjoy good trails


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Winter in Bulgaria is relatively mild, but the country is still among the leading ski holiday destinations in Eastern and Central Europe. The ski season's duration is about six months and the peak of it, of course, falls on the winter and New Year's holidays.

The winter season opens in different places at different times. For example, the most popular ski resort in Bulgaria, Bansko, usually starts actively welcoming guests in the third week of December. In the mountains, the first snowfall appears in November and may remain until April. It sometimes happens that you can even spot the snow throughout summer, on the high peaks of Bulgarian mountains. The end of the ski season usually ends in April.

Borovets (Rila Mountain), Bansko (Pirin Mountain), and Pamporovo (Rhodopes) are the three most popular resorts in Bulgaria. But you can also go skiing at the Vitosha resort. It only has a couple of ski slopes but is reachable from 30 minutes to an hour from Sofia's center. You may also discover several less popular slopes: Parshevitsa, Uzana, Dobrinishte, Beklemeto, Govedartsi, Kom, Tsigov, and Chark.

In recent years, tourism in Bulgaria has been experiencing an upsurge as infrastructure has improved, and routes are being opened with new lifts. Artificial snow allows for increasing the duration of the ski season and improved conditions on the trails.

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