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Skiing and Snowboarding in Wisconsin

Discover some of the best ski areas of the Midwest

Best time: December–March

Wisconsin is not your typical ski destination, however, due to decent size mountains and a large amount of snow, it attracts lots of visitors from such neighboring states as Iowa and Illinois. The ski season in Wisconsin generally starts around Thanksgiving and lasts through mid-April. However, in southern areas, such as Wisconsin Dells, the season runs from December through March.

Wisconsin Dells: Cascade Mountain, Devil's Head, and Christmas Mountain Village

Wisconsin Dells is a beautiful area in the southern part of the state that lies on the Wisconsin River. It's famous for its sandstone formations and recreational facilities. In winter it serves as one of the most popular skiing and snowboarding destinations. All three major ski resorts in the area—Cascade Mountain, Devil's head, and Christmas Village—are located on the southwest bank of the Wisconsin River. Cascade Mountain is perhaps the most popular resort, which is located between Madison and Wisconsin Dells. It has 44 runs and ten ski lifts. Cascade Mountain can offer some excitement on its longest 5,300-foot (1,600-m) run called "Far Out". Devil's Head is the third largest resort in the Midwest surrounded by the glacier-formed Baraboo Bluffs. With 300 acres (120 ha) of terrain and 30 runs, it offers plenty of variety for riders of all levels. The resort boasts a terrain park and one of the best cross-country trail systems in the state. Christmas Mountain Village is a small resort which is great for families and beginners. Most of the runs are either easy or intermediate. Snowtubing is offered at all three resorts. There is a wide variety of lodging in the area. Devil's Head and Christmas Mountain Village have lodges and cabins right next to ski areas that are operated by the resorts.

Milwaukee Area: Lake Geneva

Another popular resort in southern Wisconsin is Lake Geneva, which offers 20 ski runs and fun terrain. It's a perfect destination for the whole family that features a cozy Christmas village, sledding, ice-skating, and various fun activities such as igloo-building. The resort offers lodging next to the ski area, Grand Geneva Resort and Spa, villas as well as various recreational facilities. Lake Geneva is favored by Chicagonians that flock here to take a break from the hectic life in a big city.

Practical info

Where are the three major ski resorts located in Wisconsin Dells and what river are they near?

Cascade Mountain, Devil's Head, and Christmas Village can be found on the southwest bank of the Wisconsin River, near the town of Wisconsin Dells. Cascade Mountain is the most sought-after among the three resorts and is situated between Madison and Wisconsin Dells. Devil's Head is located in the scenic Baraboo Bluffs area. Meanwhile, Christmas Mountain Village is an excellent option for families and beginners alike. Show more

When is the ski season in Wisconsin Dells?

Ski season in Wisconsin Dells runs mainly from December through March, although it commences around Thanksgiving in most places. Southern regions, such as Wisconsin Dells, typically experience the season until around mid-April. Note that the season's opening and closing may vary, depending on weather conditions. Hence, it is advisable for visitors to check the official websites of each resort for updated information. Show more

What is the largest ski resort in the Midwest?

Located in Wisconsin, Devil's Head is the third most extensive ski resort in the Midwest, boasting of more than 300 acres of terrain and 30 runs for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. It also features one of the state's best cross-country trail systems and terrain parks, making it a popular destination for adventurous riders. Show more

What is special about Lake Geneva and what activities are available for families?

Lake Geneva has a lot to offer vacationing families, from its charming Christmas village and thrilling ice-skating and sledding activities to other exciting winter-themed activities. A perfect vacation destination, visitors can choose from two lodging options: Grand Geneva Resort and Spa. Lake Geneva comes highly recommended by Chicagoans looking to escape their bustling city lifestyle. Show more

Is snowtubing available at all three resorts in Wisconsin Dells?

Yes, Cascade Mountain, Devil's Head, and Christmas Mountain Village all provide snowtubing for visitors. This family-friendly activity includes special equipment that is furnished by the resorts, and the tubing facilities are open until evening hours. There are slope lights to ensure visitors' safety and enhance their overall snowtubing experience. Show more

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