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Skiing and Snowboarding

Alaskan ski resorts welcome visitors from all around the world! The wonderful nature, steep trails, and great service will make your holidays an unforgettable adventure


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Alaska is cold, snowy, and mountainous – that’s why it is a perfect destination for skiing and snowboarding. Considering the latitude it is not a big surprise that high season here is not in the middle of winter. The best time is between February and April, because of the largest amount of daylight hours and pretty cold weather. However, some ski resorts welcome visitors even from November. Perhaps the most popular place for skiing in Alaska is the Alyeska ski resort, which is located not far from Anchorage. It is recognized one of the best ski destinations in the world because of its trails and service. However, if you are not so experienced, it is a good idea to try smaller resorts like the Hilltop or Arctic Valley ski areas.

Chairlift at Alyeska Resort 2020
Chairlift at Alyeska Resort
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Alyeska Ski Resort 2020
Alyeska Ski Resort
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