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Skiing and Snowboarding in Alaska

Wonderful nature, steep trails, and great service will make your holidays an unforgettable adventure

Best time: February–April

Skiing and Snowboarding in Alaska
Skiing and Snowboarding in Alaska
Skiing and Snowboarding in Alaska

Alaska is cold, snowy, and mountainous—that’s why it is a perfect destination for skiing and snowboarding. Alaskan ski resorts welcome visitors from all around the world! The state is especially famous for its backcountry and heliskiing. It also boasts excellent snow conditions that other states can only dream of along with a long alpine ski season that stretches for more than 150 days.

When to go skiing and snowboarding in Alaska

Considering the latitude, it is not a big surprise that high season here is not in the middle of winter. The best time is between February and April, when daylight hours are long and temperatures are low. However, some ski resorts welcome visitors even in November.

Best winter resorts

The most popular place for skiing in Alaska is the Alyeska Ski Resort, which is located not far from Anchorage. It is recognized as one of the best ski destinations in the world because of its trails and service. Alyeska is especially famous for its steep and deep terrain. Boasting 650 inches (16.5 m) of snowfall per year, the resort offers 2,500 ft (762 m) of vertical trails over 1,400 skiable acres (566 ha). With its 30 acres of ski terrain, Hilltop Ski Area is a smaller-sized resort in Anchorage. It is located in Far North Bicentennial Park, at the door of Chugach mountains. The resort has a triple Riblet chairlift, a rope tow, and a platter lift. Eaglecrest Ski Area is located on Douglas Island, near Juneau, Alaska. The resort is known for the absence of crowds and beautiful views of Gastineau Channel. Enjoy tons of powder on its 640 skiable acres (258 ha) with 1620 ft (493 m) of vertical drop.

Practical info

When is the best time to go skiing or snowboarding in Alaska?

If you're planning to ski or snowboard in Alaska, the ideal time would be between February and April. The long daylight hours and low temperatures make it a perfect time to enjoy winter sports. However, some ski resorts even open as early as November and have a long ski season that lasts for over 150 days. Show more

What is the location of the Alyeska Ski Resort?

Alyeska Ski Resort is located in Girdwood, about 40 miles south of Anchorage in Alaska. It takes around one hour to drive from Anchorage to the resort. The resort covers 1,400 acres with trails for skiing and snowboarding and has a vertical skiing distance of 2,500 feet. Furthermore, the resort receives more than 650 inches of snowfall, which makes it an excellent skiing destination. Show more

What makes skiing in Alaska different from other states?

Alaska is distinguished by its backcountry and steep and deep trails, making it a unique skiing destination. As compared to other states, Alaska has low skier traffic, which means less-crowded slopes in many of its ski resorts. Additionally, abundant snowfall during the skiing season creates exceptional powder skiing, which is a huge draw for ski enthusiasts. Show more

What is the duration of the Alaskan alpine ski season?

The Alaskan alpine ski season usually starts in November and ends in late April. However, some ski resorts remain open until early May, providing visitors with the chance to do some late-season skiing. The length of the skiing season in Alaska is generally more extended than that of other states, providing ample time for skiing enthusiasts to enjoy the sport. Show more

What is the snowfall like during the skiing season in Alaska?

Alaska is known for getting an abundance of snowfall during the skiing season, providing excellent snow conditions for skiing enthusiasts. Numerous ski resorts in Alaska, like Alyeska Ski Resort, receive around 650 inches of snowfall annually. Typically, the cold temperatures of Alaska provide an ideal base for snow, making the skiing conditions consistent and enjoyable throughout the season. Show more

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