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Best time to visit Chile

Skiing and Snowboarding

The grand Andes Mountains and bizarre Chilean pipe-like volcanic slopes ensure a great skiing holiday


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​Chile boasts around 20 decent resorts operating during the ski season that lasts from mid-June generally to October, and in some sites to early September. The skiing spots are scattered mostly over the Andes Mountains in the south of the country. Some of the resorts are set on the slopes of volcanoes, where one can also benefit from a hot relaxing spa in the middle of the winter. The most popular ski resorts include the ones located in Tres Valles or Three Valleys, Lagunillas, and Capa Verde. Nevados de Chile is famed for its hot springs. Villarica Volcano and its Ski Pucon Resort is famous for its half pipe forms created by lava flow, so perfect for freestylers. Also, ski resorts Cerro Mirador and Portillo are especially popular with snowboarders.

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